(1) Legal Entity

The full name of our company is : KHUSH BAHAR LIMITED

We trade as a Limited Liability Company ( No. SC070253) registered in : Scotland

Our principal place of business and correspondence address is : 261 Castlemilk Rd, GLASGOW, Lanarkshire, Scotland, G44 4LE

Contact details can be found on our contact page

(2) Regulation

Our Pharmacy and Pharmacists are regulated and registered with the GPhC and you can view our Registration in the General Pharmaceutical Council Register

We are subject to the rules and regulations detailed at the GPhC Standards

Pharmacys & Pharmacists
Our Principle or Superintendent Pharmacist is Dhiren Patel registration number : 2026511

The Pharmacist in Malcolm Pharmacy (Reg No :1042307 ) is Dhiren Patel registration number : 2026511